i miss me being me
forgotten about this little private space where i used to scribble bits and pieces of my life...

came back here with the intention to rant on and on and most probably due to the fact that i was going through a pretty stagnant and unmotivated point of my life...

felt that life was pretty screwed but couldn't point out where exactly are the problems... work is perhaps, one of the factor but surely, only part of it.

at 6.56am, i looked around my room and felt the emptiness that i thought had left me lingering at all 4 corners, waiting to swallow me up mercilessly once again. for sure at this moment, i wasn't happy, perhaps never were.

i felt the agony of insomnia and tasted the bitterness of loneliness.
terrible stuffs and they wouldn't leave me alone.

i miss my dad, i miss my mum and i miss my brother.
i miss my best bud.
i miss my old friends.
i miss my schoolmates.

i miss me being me.
# by daphy | 2011-09-01 08:08 | エブリデイ・ライフ